our range of services for industry

SN-TS support safety critical industries worldwide. Our service range reflects the challenges faced by our clients when operating, maintainig, inspecting and repairing complex assets and infrastructure.


SN-TS operate from a modern workshop facility.

Our mechanical team are able to reverse engineer and manufacture component spares should these no longer be available on the market




All types of centrifugal (including magdrive), positive displacement and split casing pumps serviced. Pump sealing issues investigated and solutions proposed.


Complete valve overhaul, strip down, component assessment, reassembly and pressure test. All investigation work supported by photographic and dimensional reports where required. SN-TS operate an ABB approved pressure relief valve testing facility.


Screw and reciprocating compressors overhauled.

General plant

We have experience with most types of mechanical plant and are happy to discuss your specific requirements.

bespoke assemblies

Pressure test panels

Designed and manufactured inhouse to client specifications.


Please contact us with your requirements.

Here are some example case studies of mechanical work we have done


Location: SN-TS workshop
Our client BAE required stripping down, visual and dimensional inspection of various valves.
SN-TS were awarded the contract and delivered back to the client a detailed inspection report. This work was supported by our existing NDT procedural approvals with BAE.


Location: SN-TS workshop
Overhaul of powerheads to gas fired compressors for Centrica Energy. Valve seats and guides replaced - all of which had to be shrunk into position using liquid nitrogen

Pressure test panels

Location: SN-TS workshop
BAE requested the design and manufacture of a 3 way test panel. The technical requirement was for the system to work within a range of 20-210 bar. All components used were certified and the system delivered on time and within budget.

Location: SN-TS workshop
BAE Submarine Solutions required the design and manufacture of a lifting jig and control panel system.
The jig was assembled, function and load tested, then stripped down and subsequently installed within BAE's manufacturing facility.

inspection & testing

We are members of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing

pressure testing

1000bar (15000 psi) maximum test pressure.

Pneumatic testing
220 bar (3190 psi) maximum test pressure.

non destructive testing (ndt)

Visual (VT) and dimensional
Our visual inspection services are typically combined with dimensional checks, ensuring that components are within design tolerances.

Magnetic particle (MT)
NDT procedures cover ASME, BS, NAVSEA and Def-Stan requirements.

Dye penetrant (PT)
We hold specific NDT approvals with BAE Systems for our NAVSEA and Def-Stan defence work.

Ultrasonic (UT)
In-house ultrasonic weld inspection which includes butt, T, node and nozzle weld configuration. BS, ASME and Def-Stan procedures.

Eddy current (ET)
Please contact us with your specific requirement.

destructive testing

Bespoke testing solutions
Should you require destructive testing of componentry please contact us with your requirements.

Here are some example case studies of inspection and testing work we have done

Location: SN-TS workshop
Centrica Energy required hydrotesting of replacement pipe spools. SN-TS were approached to perform such tests, all witnessed by Centrica inspectors.

Visual (VT) and dimensional inspection

Location: SN-TS workshop
Our client BAE required stripping down, visual and dimensional inspection of various valves.
SN-TS were awarded the contract and delivered back to the client a detailed inspection report. This work was supported by our existing dye penetrant inspection approvals with BAE.

Dye penetrant (PT)
Location: Barrow in Furness, Cumbria
During lifting of a large sump pump (1t weight), a possible crack was noted on a chain linkage supporting the pump by United Utilities personnel.
Immediate support was requested from SN-TS who performed dye penetrant inspection of the chain link using PCN personnel and provided United Utilities with immediate inspection findings (no crack) and the confidence to continue with a critical lift.

Ultrasonics (UT)
Location: Carlisle, Cumbria
Our client Volkswagon UK, required ultrasonic assessment of box section beams to its Carlisle showroom to check for internal corrosion.
Ultrasonic inspection was performed and reports submitted detailing wall thicknesses and SN-TS interpretation of findings.

specialist services

We offer a range of specialist services that assist our clients with the safe running, maintenance and weather protection of plant.

When combined with SN-Group's onshore fabrication and machining services SN-TS can provide a single source solution for clients operating remote assets.

shrink wrapping

Industrial shrink wrapping service provided for plant/equipment that requires to be protected from the elements.

Our team our IPAF trained, so we are able to work on your sites to wrap larger components using mobile elevated work platforms.

condition monitoring

Oil analysis
Complete tribology service to assist with the evaluation of plant/engine/bearing condition.
Laboratory analysis of lubrication fluids (grease, lube oil, and seal oil)

Modal analysis
SN-TS can perform modal analysis on structures/components to ascertain vibration mode shapes and associated frequencies, using SIMO, MISO and MIMO approaches.

Vibration analysis
Single or multi-channel data acquisition and analysis at commissioning stage (vibration acceptance testing) or whilst in service.
These services can be performed using our own Zonic Book 618E and Ez-TOMAS Analysis software, or using a clients existing system.
The Zonic Book 618E and EZ-TOMAS software offer full vibration amplitude and phase analysis capabilities for fault diagnosis.
The software analysis features include: Trending, Time waveform, FFT, Waterfall Plots, Orbit Plots, Shaft Centre Line Plots, Polar Plot, and Bode Plots. Both AC and DC signals can be interrogated via the Ez-TOMAS software.

offshore asset service

Remote offshore installations, such as oil/gas platforms, FPSO’s and wind energy turbines require continual inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement operations, many of which are at height, underdeck and/or over water.

Our industrial rope access capability combined with our mechanical, inspection onshore fabrication and machining services allows SN-TS to offer clients a cost effective and adaptable solution to topside projects.

laser alignment

Machine train alignment carried out supported by full alignment report. Pruftechnik trained engineers.

Here are some example case studies of specialist services work we have done

Condition monitoring
Location: ABP (Barrow)
Our client Serco required vibration analysis of cargo hold fans, screw compressors and drive motors. Full analysis report provided upon completion of works.

Shrink wrapping
Location: ABP (Barrow)
Weather protection was required to various BAE ship jigs which were being stored externally, awaiting operational use.
SN-TS were requested to shrink wrap using marine grade industrial sheeting.
Work was performed to a high level of quality, ensuring that storage jigs are fully protected.

Offshore asset services
Location: West of Duddon Sands Windfarm, Irish Sea
Dong Energy required a section of defective section of HV power distribution cable to be cut out and cable re-spliced.
The challenge for Dong was that the defective section resided within a confined space, below the air tight seal of the transition piece. To further complicate matters the confined space was tidal, with the work location being submerged on every tide. All
SN-Group's engineering division were awarded the contract, with the project managed by SN-TS. This included:
Provision of safe systems of work for all on the project.
Fabrication and installation within the confined space of a 300kg, 6m high, cable support clamp.
Erection within the confined space of a 3 lift scaffold structure to facilitate the cable splicing team. (approx 1 tonne of scaffold).
Installation of GRP grating to facilitate future maintenance access within the confined space.
To ensure safe working within the confined space, a forced air ventilation system was installed, gas detection provided and a casualty rescue system tested.
IRATA rope rescue cover was provided for the duration of the works.
The project was completed safely, without accident or incident. Not only was this the first time DONG Energy had allowed operations to be performed below the airtight seal without dive support it was also the first HV offshore cable splice performed inteh UK.

specialist access

SN-TS is an IRATA member company, providing a comprehensive inspection and mechnical support service to the onshore and offshore sectors.

confined space

Our service range can be delivered within confined spaces. Should this be a requirement SN-TS will provide the necessary rescue plans, forced air ventilation systems, gas detection, EBA and BA rescue sets.

rope access

Mechanical support services
Our rope access teams hold MJI 10 bolting qualifications along with Lok-ring installation technicians. We are experts in the manufacture and installation of bespoke handrail solutions.

NDT/Asset integrity services
SN-TS offer a comprehensive 'in-house' NDT service which can be deployed using rope access techniques. We are capable of inspecting, appraising and reporting upon the condition of your asset regardless of its location. Should you require integrity appraisal of inspection findings on pressurised plant, please do not hesitate to ask.

Ex Electrical Inspections
Hazardous area electrical inspections are a fundamental requirement on many of our client sites. SN-TS can both inspect and repair your Ex installations whether at height or at ground level. Please contact us with your requirements.

High-rise building and Bridge Services
SN-TS perform inspections on high-rise building and bridge structures (road or rail infrastructure).
We can undertake condition surveys, principal inspections, specific defect investigations or dimensional (laser) surveys.
Should you require carbonation depth, chloride sampling, wall tie populations, reinforcement mapping, floor nib investigations or core samples, these can be included within the inspection visit.

drone access

Inspection using remote drones is an increasingly common solution for many of your clients. If you are considering this inspection option, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss in detail.

Here are some example case studies of specialist access work we have done

High-rise building inspection
Location: Co-operative Bank HQ, Manchester, UK
SN-TS were asked to undertake inspection of anchor bolts and perform torque check to Co-op HQ, Manchester.
The architectural design of the building had multiple curved glass surfaces that required both horizontal and vertical rope protection systems to be installed to facilitate to safe inspection and testing access.
The work was performed safely, on time and within budget using SN-TS IRATA technicians.

Bridge inspection
Location: Cumbria, UK
Our client Atkins Global required principle inspections to be performed to 22 bridge structures around Cumbria.
SN-TS evaluated the access methodologies required to achieve tactle inspection of each bridge and delivered the inspection programme and associated reports as planned.

NDT/Asset integrity services
Location: Kingsnorth Power Station.
Our client working on behalf of EON required visual and MPI inspection of welded connections within a flue structure to Kingsnorth Power Station during its planned turnaround in 2014.
SN-TS provided IRATA rope access and PCN inspection technicians to safely deliver project requirements.
Detailed method statement, work procedures, risk assessments and calibration certificates were provided prior to the commencement of these works.

Mechanical support services
Location: Rivers Terminal, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria
ConocoPhillips required the replacement of approximately 500lm of handrailing to their Rivers gas processing facillity.
SN-Group's engineering division were awarded the contract to manufacture, remove old and install new handrailing.
SN-TS supported its engineering division throughout the project, performing the removal and installation works using IRATA rope access mechanical technicians.